Youth Leader - Jermaine Johnson

Contact Deatails: 083 708 9550(cell)

                             011 408 3842(work)



  The Youth department believes in the Salvation of our youth and in challenging them to be of Service to God and other people. Therefore, our mission can be summarised in two words: SALVATION and SERVICE.   The concept of Salvation and Service originated with Jesus Christ when He charged His disciples to go and make disciples of those who believe the gospel. Our mission statement is:   PRIMARY FOCUS

  • The Salvation of youth through Jesus Christ.
  • Equipping youth for service.


  • Lead youth to understand their individual worth by helping them discover their spiritual gifts and abilities.
  • Equip and empower youth for a life of service within God's church and community.
  • Ensure the integration of youth into all aspects of church life and leadership, making them full participants in the mission of the church.


  • Achieve a balanced ministry by incorporating the Biblical dynamics of fellowship, nurture, worship, and mission.
  • Relate effective ministry to the needs of youth.
  • Conduct ongoing research to discover areas that need attention in the ever-changing youth culture.
  • Seek divince guidance in God's Word.